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I haven’t been the best at blogging for you all and I apoligize 🙂 If you read Margo’s Mischief that gives clues to what is going on. We didn’t go to W.Watchers today because we woke up late, let me  check the time of the next meeting…hold on…There is one at 12:30 I will go to that. My oldest has packed on about 40 pounds in the last 4 months. She has been put on a medication for depression 10 mgs. I don’t know if that is the cause the doctor seems sure it is not…I don’t know my husband is on to her about her weight. Having been heavier all my life I know her pain,but I am watching someone “get bigger” which I have never done before. I can’t see myself in all sides like watching someone else so it is sad to watch someone who was always athletic lose their figure.


I will get her to go to weight watchers with me. I state again I am in no way promoting them etc. I hate doing points, but I have no other way because all these other games, like skipping a meal, or not eating after 2 p.m. don’t work.I have been on w.w. half my life lost 30 pounds once.

I keep telling everyone accept themselves. That has to come first. I am trying harder because my back hurts too much. I love my “TOP” parts I don’t want to lose them  *By the way it’s lower back pain and not caused by the “Top Parts” LOL.

I was also called FAT by someone for the first time in my life and it hurt very bad, even though I have seen her eating…

So here we go again I have to go get ready its almost 10 A.M. 🙂



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