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HI I love myself but sometimes I wish I was ….

As I sit here I wonder what to write because many of you know where I am coming from. I often feel like why go back to weight watchers only to gain back the weight. If I don’t do something though I will get bigger. Why can’t I stop growing? I am going to be very honest in this blog because I want you to come here and if you are living a similar life, a life where just when you know you can love yourself at any size a voice nags at you when you put your clothes on that “It’s not fair.” It’s not fair that the big dress got bigger when we had hoped we would be looking smaller by now.


**** For so long

Most of my life I have seen people coming towards me with get thin fast ideas. I joined so many things and bought so many things and not much ever happened. I saw food for comfort, when I was bored I would eat , I would nourish myself with food, sabatoge myself with it. It is so sad something our mother’s first put in our mouth became like an addictive drug to many of us TBC


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